What is naturalisation

Naturalisation i a process by which none-citizen of UK can acquire citizenship. In UK most of EU citizens have or will have a right to become UK citizens by Naturalization process. Opera immigration is here to help you with that process and other immigration matters.

Naturalisation criteria for EU citizens:

  • You have to have permanent residency or ILR or Settled status
  • You have to be leaving in the the UK continuesly fot last 6 years
  • Maximum time autside UK in last year cannot be greater then 90 days.
  • You have to have either degree in english, ora pass the test confirming english qualification.
  • Life in the UK test need to be passed.
  • If you have a criminal record it could affect your application.

Process of naturalisation

If you are planning to leave in the UK it is vitial to consider applying for citizenship as it will make your life easier and protect you from uncertainty related to brexit process and potential changes in the law. Process of naturalisation is breafly described below

If you are consideting to apply for Naturalisation check if you fulfill above criteria if you are then process if outlined below.

1 Call to us

2 Check qualifying criteria

3 If you you do not hold degree in English the you have to pass english test and list of exam centres is available on website.

4 Pass Life in the UK test, all materials to study are available online and also exam can be booked in local exam centre.

5 You also have to confirm that you are good character and have someone who knows you for atleast 3 years.

Filing the application form attaching required documents and pay the fees

7 Obtain biometric data which could be done if post office

How we can help you with process

We are authorise by OISC which confirms knowledge and high standards of immigration advice.
We will guide you i whole process as well asa helping to obtain relevant documents and filing up application. We will be with you from the begining of the process untill you become British citizen.


Opera Immigration.

We offer immigration advice and help with all immigration matters to all EU citizens in the UK, for more information you can call us or contact us via email.