Opera Immigration provides immigration advice to all European citizens living in the UK. As we are authorised by OISC you can be sure of quality of services you receive from us.

If you are European citizen living in the UK there is several ways to protect your status in the UK. The most common is settled status which is currently free and easy to apply for. However if you planning to live in the UK or you want to have a full rights then citizenship will probable be the best.

Basic requiments for naturalisation

  • You have to be 18 years and over
  • You have to be living in the UK for last 6 years
  • You have to be Good Character
  • Meet English language requiments
  • Pass Life in The UK test
  • You cannot travel outside the UK for longer then 90 days in last year
  • Overall travel outside UK in last 5 years cannot exceed 450 days in total
  • You must hold permanent residency for EEA citizens

If you have any question about naturalisation or any other immigration issue contact us via email or call us.

How opera imigration can help you

  • We will help you to pepare for Life In The UK test
  • We will help you to complet application form
  • We will help you to get all neccesary documents
  • We offer immigration advice in regards to Naturalisation
  • We will take you through whole process

Why should you apply for British citizenship?

If you are living in UK and planing to stay is it important to clarify you immigration status to protect you rights.

If you become British citizen you can still hold a second citizenship and at the same time enjoy same rights as a British. Having British Citizenship will make your live much easier especjaly after leaving the EU. You will still be able to enjoy all your current privileges. Contact us and we will help you with settled person status or British Citizenship. All formalities can be arranged by email, post or during a visit to the office. We also provide immigration advice. The very acquisition of British Citizenship is quite time-consuming but we will take care of the whole process for you. The first step is to obtain a permanent residency. Then, you must pass the Life in the UK test, confirm your English by passing the exam or you must hold degree taken in English and be of good character.

Opera Immigration.

We are specjalizing in immigration advice for EEA citizens living in the UK.
We are authorised and regulated by OISC in regards to level 1 Immigration advice.